What is the Year of Wild Money?

Using the book Wild Money as our guide, each month we will be hosting classes and events along the theme of a particular money topic.  Our monthly offerings include:

  • Courses taught by our expert money coaches.
  • Donation-based introduction and basics classes.
  • Story-telling events.
  • Guest speakers and facilitators.

The Year of Wild Money is a process to help educate and empower you to master your relationship with money. Money skills are learned, and they develop with time and practice. Over 12 months,  we will help you to explore and identify what matters, plan for what might get in the way, and take small but significant steps in the right direction. This process will support you to move towards your dreams while living well in the process.

What will we cover:

  • January – The Wild Money Process
    • Learn more about yourself and your relationship with money by completing our Self-Assessment, start a daily practice, and begin digging into the Wild Money Process.  Approach this journey with curiosity rather than judgment. As if looking at a map to chart a course. Not good or bad, simply where you begin. 
  • February & March – Receive Money with Grace
    • Money doesn’t cause things to happen; it simply reflects you.  The emotions you have around the money you receive get reflected in the way you treat it: Receive with angst and the money will feel like a sticky web of complexity; receive it with grace, and money will be the blessing that enables you to share your gifts with the world.
  • April & May – Spend with Intention
    • Each of us has a financial forest. Trees take time to grow. Finances take time to recover. Spending with intention means the forest, that being your financial resources can continually support you.  Intentional spending requires energy, attention, and curiosity. Wild Money™ is not about fulfilling impulsive needs and stripping your future of resources, instead, it invites you to nourish your inner wild places.
  • June – Nurture Your Nest Egg
    • Nurturing your nest egg is about learning (or relearning) how to be as loving and protective of your money as a mother goose is with her egg.  It’s about building your nest—creating the right environment for tending your money—so it has the strongest likelihood of growing and reaching its potential.
  • July & August – Grow Your Gold
    • It’s safe to say we’ve all made investment mistakes and later made decisions based on those experiences. It’s important to look at the baggage you carry about investing so that instead of acting like it doesn’t exist, you can say, out loud “I’ve made a few mistakes and I want to understand how to not make them again.”  These experiences, whether yours or your loved ones, have informed and shaped you. Now is your chance to move forward, to learn new skills and concepts, and to step into your own financial wisdom. We were not born knowing how to handle money. It’s learned, and it starts with knowing yourself.
  • September & October – Protect Your Wild Places
    • Part of developing a solid relationship with money is being able and willing to stand your ground and protect what means most to you. It’s an act of love to handle the precious details of your life.  To be savvy in the wild, you need to know how and when to take calculated risks, when to take cover and ride out the storm, when to jump in the river, and when to take the long, arduous path around the rapids.
  • November – Give with Guts
    • Giving with guts requires you to honor your values and your wallet; it begs authenticity while also being responsible to yourself. Giving is the web that connects us.  Generosity is a natural state; it’s wild and in tune with rhythms and cycles. But not all giving comes from generosity. Some comes from guilt, or obligation, or need, or anger. Sometimes it requires stepping back and asking hard questions.  Wise givers have the ability to look at these issues and engage heart and mind in the process.
  • December – Reflect/Take Your Wild With You
    • There are days we bounce back to old habits, losing sight of the deeper call within us and days when new growth and strength are clearly evident. The goal is freedom: freedom to feel spacious and calm about money; freedom from financial ruin, debt, stress, and anxiety; and freedom to create and live as you dream.


Wild Money Year Long Intensive

Join Luna and our expert Money Coaches for our year-long Wild Money program.

In-Person Group

  • 1 Monthly Class Meeting lead by author Luna Jaffe (2 hours)
  • 1 Monthly Accountability Call lead by one of our expert Money Coaches (1 hour)
  • 1 Monthly CereMoney Circle (1 hour)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Book & Workbook

Online Group

  • 1 Monthly Class Meeting lead by author Luna Jaffe (2 hours)
  • 1 Monthly Accountability Call lead by one of our expert Money Coaches (1 hour)
  • 1 Monthly Intention Setting Circle lead by one of our expert Money Coaches (1 hour)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Book & Workbook


  • One-time payment of $1499 for the year
  • Twelve monthly installments of $150 over the course of the year

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